ThePvP 2.0 | A new era

Published at 2021 June 20 | 2 minute read

ThePvP 2.0 | A new era

New Era

Hello Everyone!

Welcome to the long awaited new era of ThePvP Network! We hope the new changes we have been working on behind the scenes push ThePvP to new heights!
Below, is everything that will be new in 2.0!

Cross Play | Bedrock Edition | Pocket Edition!

With new technology, we have worked hard on perfecting a user friendly experience to Bedrock Edition | Pocket Edition player. This allows your friend's to connect to our network and play with Java players! Also make grinding all more accessible from anywhere via your Phone!

Connecting is simple. By using our ip in your Bedrock/Pocket Edition game you can hit save and hit connect and you our on our network!

Rules Update

When looking at the network we noticed that there was a lack of clarity within the rules. This will be changing. Within this week of 2.0 updates we will be publishing a Brand New set of rules for everyone to follow. It will be clear and will be located at

As a result of this we will be doing a Global ban reset. This will give everyone a second chance at our new rules! More will be announced within this week (week starting 21st June 2021)

1.17 support

We now support 1.17 clients on our network! you can connect in versions 1.8.8 to 1.17! We will be looking to add a fully dedicated 1.17 gamemode in the future!

Discord Update

The discord server will be having a spruce over for the better. We are getting the dusters out and we will be cleaning up the amount of channels and making it easier to navigate!

As well as this, we will be soon announcing Boosting rewards and extra rewards for chatting in our voice calls & in the chat channels!

Streamers & Youtubers

We are looking and working with getting some deals with youtubers and streamers that will be joining us Soon. Keep an eye on #welcome in the discord :)


The following changes have been made to the network for 2.0:

  • Global: Added more hub's to the mainframe.
  • Global: Fixed issues with rank syncing from in-game to discord
  • Global: Fixed voting in-game rewards
  • Hub: Added a lobby selector
  • Hub: Added/changed the npc's around
  • Hub: Fixed issues with the rank sync to discord.
  • Hub: Fixed the amount of user slots issue
  • Hub: Added a queue system
  • Hub: Added banners to the hub
  • Hub: Synced the events holograms to the event calendar
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