Skyblock Nova - The Custom Enchantment Update

Published at 2021 April 25 | 2 minute read

Skyblock Nova - The Custom Enchantment Update

Custom Enchantments

As per the name of this update, we have implemented custom enchantments into Skyblock Nova! These enchants vary in rarity, usefulness, and more. The better the book you purchase, the more likely you are to find a great enchant! You can access this enchantment menu with /ce.

Also, these enchants are randomly applied when enchanting with enchantment tables, too! So, if you don't want to grind out the XP for the books in the menu, try out the vanilla enchantment table.

Redstone Shop

We have added a new section to our in-game shop. The redstone shop section was highly suggested within the community! The shop has all the essentials needed to make an amazing automatized creation to help on your island.

Custom Netherite Recipe

In this update, we have also allowed Netherite armour and tools to be crafted in a crafting table with Netherite ingots! Simply use the same recipe as normal, but with Netherite ingots, to be able to craft this awesome armour!

This armour also works with our new custom enchantments system displayed further up in the post!

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