Survival Release - Saturday 10th July - 4pm EST / 9pm BST / 6am ACT

Published at 2021 July 03 | 3 minute read

Survival Release - Saturday 10th July - 4pm EST / 9pm BST / 6am ACT

Hey, folks!

It has finally come time for me to announce the official release date! We are releasing Survival on 10th July - 4pm EST / 9pm BST / 6am ACT.  I know you have all been waiting a pretty long time for Survival! We believe to have made a packed full season.

We have 4 Major updates waiting in the wing's. With a 1.16 experience and a non pay to win store. It's the perfect server to jump on and play with your friends and some of your favourite creators! With our new Cross Play experience you can play from anywhere, from a console to your mobile phone!


As you go on your adventures, you'll be able to level up your skills to become more powerful in all sorts of useful ways. Doing different tasks will unlock new stats, boosts, and abilities!


The crates we have are all flower themed, to go along with the beauty of survival Minecraft. Additionally, there will be seasonal crates which will be updated with new and unique items throughout the season!



Want to earn some extra money? Head on over to the Jobs NPC to be hired as a worker in different types of jobs, that can be chosen according to your playstyle!


EliteMobs are custom mobs that will spawn along with your EliteMob Level or Rank. As you level up, harder mobs will spawn around you with more difficult attacks and weapons in which you'll have to strategize to defeat them. Along with this, bosses will sometimes spawn around someone random and these are some of the most powerful mobs you'll come across with multiple powers and attack strategies.

Quality Of Life

Resetting End - After the Ender Dragon has been defeated, a countdown for 6 hours will start until the End Dimension will be fully reset.

Toggleable PVP - Using the command /pvptoggle, makes it so you can't can't pvp with other people and other people won't be able to attack you!

Homes - Using /sethome {name of home} lets you set your home and teleport it back to any time using /home {name of home}

Auction House - Use /ah to view a player driven auction house, where you can sell goods to everyone else! Use /ah sell {price} whilst holding the item you'd like to sell, for it to be displayed.


Our ranks are for you to buy on our store The ranks are there for you to stand out from the server and to help us stay alive! Below are our 4 ranks!





Buying a rank gives you in-game cosmetic's and help's support the network!

We hope to see you for the Release of ThePvP Survival on Saturday 10th July - 4pm EST / 9pm BST / 6am ACT! Let us know what you think about the season on our Discord server.

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