Survival - Casino & Public Warps Update

Published at 2021 July 25 | 2 minute read

Survival - Casino & Public Warps Update

Hello! This is the second  of the weekly updates for Survival! For this week's content update we are introducing some new elements of the Casino and a player asked suggestion of Player Warps. Below is a full list of what we have for this update in detail!


Want to try and double your money? Have a go in our brand new Casino that has come to town!

You can go to the brand new casino by typing /casino anywhere on survival. Once you are there you can take a spin on our Roulette wheel. Place bets against one another within the allocated time to see if you will be victorious!

Once a day you will be able to get a free Casino Coin for logging into the survival realm. If you are a donator, once a week you can claim your rewards. All rewards can be viewed at /casino and heading over to the Casino Rewards host.

The Casino Coins can be used on our Casino wheel! From there you can win a host of different items from tags to ranks.

Make sure to keep an eye out as there may be a part 2 coming for the Casino in the future!

Player Warps

Want to show off your village/house? Well now you can publicly advertise your establishment with the brand new player warps.

By typing /pwarp you can view all the public warps that are made. To make a warp you must make sure you are standing on the block/positon you want people to spawn at and type /pwarp set <Name Of Warp>. For regular players you need $2,000 in-game to create a warp and for donators you need $1,500 in-game to crate a warp!

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