Survival - Adventure Guild & Privacy Update

Published at 2021 August 05 | 3 minute read

Survival - Adventure Guild & Privacy Update

Hello! This is the third of the weekly updates for Survival! This weeks content comes with the introduction of the Adventure Guild and Private Doors/Chest. Below is a full list of what we have for this update in detail!

Adventure Guild

Want to upgrade your armor and be able to fight stronger and tougher bosses to become one of the most powerful players on the server? Then travel to the Adventure Guild using /ag or going through the portal at spawn.

Guild Ranks

Visit Gillian at /ag to in order to upgrade your Elite Rank to receive harder bosses and elite mobs to collect upgraded armor! Once you collect every rank you can prestige which will remove all your elite coins but you'll be able to upgrade your prestige which will grant you . . .

  • Higher guild tiers
  • Access to higher tier loot
  • More coins from kills and quests
  • Higher max health
  • Base crit chance
  • Base dodge chance

However, it will reset your ITEMS and CURRENCY

EliteMobs Armor/Charm Shop

Visit Grog and Greg to buy and sell Elite Armor and charms. In order to get the extra items to become more powerful on your adventures!

Lower Level

Talk to the Scrapper to have a 50% chance to receive 1 scrap which is equal to the level of the armor which you are scrapping. These scraps are useful at the refiner and the repairman!

Talk to the refiner to upgrade your scrap! For 10 scrap of the same level you can upgrade that scrap to the next level. For example placing 10 level 103 level scrap in the GUI will give you 1 level 104 scrap.


Visit the blacksmith NPCs to upgrade your armor with scraps from extra armor that would've normal been thrown away!


The Smelter will create an Elite Upgrade Orb based on the level scrap that you put into the GUI. Crafting 1 Upgrade Orb requires 25 scrap of the same level to be combined.


The Enhancer is where you'll be able to apply your Elite Upgrade Orb onto any custom elite armor. It acts similar to an anvil by placing the Orb and the Item you want to upgrade into the GUI.

Custom Scrolls

There are now custom scrolls which will be part of rare drops and prizes during drop parties and for event winners. Below are a couple examples of scrolls you can find.

Private Signs

In this update we've introduced private signs which will protect doors and chests from being opened from other people except the owner who placed the sign. To lock a door so only you can open it, simply place a sign above the door or on the chest as seen in the example.  

Examples of other ways to use this signs to lock chests are:
[Private] - Locks the chest only for you, anyone listed below will be able to open
[More Users] - Additional signs that can go on other sides of chests like [Private]
[Everyone] - Makes it possible for everyone to open the chest
[Timer:@] - Timer for when to close door again when you open it (@=seconds)

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