Survival - The Colorful Update

Published at 2021 August 15 | 1 minute read

Survival - The Colorful Update

This is the fourth week of Survival updates! This week introduces new collectable colored shulker heads, and an easier ways to dye different blocks! This week is a slightly smaller update, but we hope you enjoy the features and collectables that come with it!

Dyeing Blocks

Want to create murals in the world by dyeing wool? Do you want to change your bed color? Simply right-click on any colored blocks and you'll instantly be able to change it to that color! Also, shifting and right-clicking will allow you to dye a larger amount of block in an area.

Different Types of Blocks

Below are examples of every type of block that you are able to dye!

Dyeable Shulkers

Thanks to CureMe, we've had a custom plugin created so that you can dye shulkers! This makes it possible to obtain every type of shulker head in a different color.

Shulker Heads

Here are examples of the colored shulker heads you can collect to brag to your friends. They also come in other directions such as sideways or even upside down!

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