Survival - The Vehicles Update

Published at 2021 September 10 | 2 minute read

Survival - The Vehicles Update

The Survival updates are back! This week introduces Vehicles! Travel around the world in style!

Want to get around the Survival world? Now you can with many different custom vehicles implemented into the Vehicle Crate (store: or by using your cash with /vehicles

This includes many types of transportation including helicopters, cars, planes, bikes, drills, flying brooms, tractors, and tanks. Shift + Left-click to open a GUI that let's you place many different types of fuel to power each vehicle.

Using the command /vehicles, you'll be able to purchase some starter vehicles. However, to obtain better vehicles you can buy a vehicle crate key for 150k coins in game. Some examples of the vehicles you could win include . . .

Can fly through the sky!

Drive around!

Can harvest crops as you drive through them. (Right-click to access the storage)

Drill Machine
Drive into blocks in order to mine blocks(Right-click to access storage)

Similar to planes but with more control and a trunk. (Right-click to access)

There are a couple other special vehicles that include brooms, mechs, racing cars, and parachutes which you can win from only the vehicle crate!

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