Survival - Trade & Decoration Update

Published at 2021 July 18 | 2 minute read

Survival - Trade & Decoration Update

Hello! This is the first of the weekly updates for Survival! For this week's content update we are introducing some new elements to Trading and Decoration. Below is a full list of what we have for this update in detail!

Chest Shops

Due to requests from the community we have now introduced Chest shops for you to setup your very own shop!

Chest Shops allow anyone to create a shop where players can easily buy or sell almost any item from another player! Each chest shop is player run, so if the shop becomes out of stock then you'll have to wait until it gets resupplied by the shop owner in order to continue buying items. An example can be seen above.

Mob Head Drops

Want to fill up your trophy wall? What a way to show your achievements with your friends with the new mob heads update!

Mob Head drops have been added! Killing any player or entity has a chance to drop a head based on whatever mob you've killed. For example, kill a blue parrot and there's a chance a blue parrot head will drop!

Treasure Goblin Loot

As popularly requested, the Treasure Goblin has received some loot you can get. There is a 25% chance it will drop "The Gold Block", which is a custom item gives regeneration and resistance, at the cost of movement and mining fatigue.

Throughout the season, there will be more rare and unique loot to find.

Sitting, Laying, and Crawling

Want to sit around the fire with your friends? Now you can!

Added sitting, laying, and crawling! Right-click on a stair or use /sit to sit. Additionally, using /sittoggle will toggle whether or not you can right-click on stairs, slabs, or trapdoors to sit. To lie down you can do /lay and to crawl do /crawl!

We hope you enjoy this week's content update on Survival. If you have a suggestion for what we should add in the future please make a suggestion over on our discord server and look at #suggestions. For instructions please look at the pinned messages!

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